TAUV is developing stronger, lighter, smarter soldier systems for defence, law enforcement and civil industry. 

Armour should not simply stop bullets, TAUV is developing an intelligent platform that will power advanced soldier systems innovation.

TAUV's innovations will open a plethora of possibilities such as; enhancing soldier safety and performance, enabling advanced tactical systems, and ensuring operational advantage.

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TAUV benefits from the backing of the Lightforce Australia Group of companies. The Group, encompassing Nightforce Optics, Lightforce Australia, EuroOptic, APRS and its newest division Force Ordnance, has over 30 years defence, commercial design and manufacturing experience. 





Ray Dennis


Founder and owner of Force Ordnance, Lightforce, Nightforce Optics and Ace Precision Rifle Systems, Ray has comprehensive experience in military product development and precision manufacturing. Ray's relentless pursuit of quality is why his products are global leaders.

Nathan Kalisch


Former Special Forces Medic with the Australian Special Air Service, Nathan has combined his first hand military experience with his passion for new technology to bring about TAUV's game changing innovations. Nathan created TAUV's pioneering designs and has clear site on the company's global future.

Steve Quinn

Advisory Board Member

As former Chief Technology Officer and Chief of Land Operations Division at DSTG, and former (Brigadier) Director General Land Development Group at Australian Department of Defence CDG, Steve has an extraordinary depth of defence technology, application and acquisition knowledge.

Steve Norman

Advisory Board Member

Through his companies Level Peaks Associates and Sutton House, Steve is a major supplier of soldier systems and force capability advice to European Defence Forces, Tactical Police Units and Private Enterprises.  Steve is an expert in global defence product distribution. 

Geoff Wallbridge

Advisory Board Member

Founding partner and now consulting engineer at Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec (WGA). Geoff is a project management master and has overseen the growth of WGA to its current market leading position building some of Australia's largest and most successful infrastructure projects.  

Damien Chicco

Advisory Board Member

Head of Supply Chain at Mitsubishi Australia Limited, Damien is second to none in sales operations and supply chain management with a bent for lean and efficient process control.

Rick Morris

Advisory Board Member

From civil engineering in Africa to a General Manager at Corporate Express, Rick is a multi-business owner and a broadly experienced expert in organisational growth, recruitment and sales.

Tim Jackson

Advisory Board Member

Former Fabrication Operation Area Manager at GM Holden and with 43 years experience in tooling, engineering and production operations, Tim has an unmatched understanding of budgets, quality control, continuous improvement and production engineering in high volume complex manufacturing.



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Collaboration between TAUV Pty Ltd and Titomic Limited to Research, Develop and Scope Manufacture of Titanium Enhanced Products

Tauv Pty Ltd (“TAUV”), develops, manufactures and distributes a variety of products for defence and recreational use.

Titomic Limited (“Titomic”) is a publicly listed corporation the shares in which are traded upon the Australian Stock Exchange (“ASX”). Titomic is the licensee of certain intellectual property which allows it to commercialise a process of cold spraying (“printing”) titanium to create products and components with enhanced durability and strength. Titomic uses the term “Titomic Kinetic Fusion” for this process.

Some time ago TAUV identified commercial advantages and benefits in the development and manufacture of its products enhanced by the use of cold spray titanium. In particular TAUV was attracted to the technology attributed to Titomic Kinetic Fusion to create load bearing components by means of the cold spray printing technique. The interest of TAUV in the technology of Titomic resulted in an approach to that company followed by the establishment of a commercial relationship in August 2018 between the two.

The terms of the commercial arrangements call upon Titomic to:

  • establish the commercial application of Titomic Kinetic Fusion in the development and enhancement of TAUV Soldier System products;

  • develop applications and systems whereby the TAUV products can be strengthened and enhanced by means of titanium load bearing structures or protective coatings; and,

  • establish the ability of the printing technology to readily, consistently and accurately replicate the application and enhancement of the TAUV products by means of commercial production runs.

The arrangements in place also call upon Titomic to protect and observe the market place exclusivity of TAUV’s products so enhanced by the Titomic Kinetic Fusion technology. The obligations on the part of Titomic also extend to TAUV’s unique intellectual property and customer base in relation to its body armour, drones and firearms “soldier system” products, and confidential business information including customer base.

Until now the expected commercial outcomes for the TAUV products have not been achieved by the technologies attributed to Titomic Kinetic Fusion process. TAUV is of the view Titomic will need further time to develop and establish this technology. TAUV in the meantime seeks to engage with Titomic to resolve the issues which arise by reason of this delay.

TAUV will always strive to develop and enhance the durability, application and user experience of its products. Therefore, whilst the Titomic Kinetic Fusion process continues to be developed TAUV will assess all other commercially proven technologies available to continually enhance and improve its products. TAUV is very excited about the alternative processes which are available and extremely confident these will be commercially and readily applicable to its products. This will allow TAUV’s commercialisation of its products to continue whilst the applicability of the Titomic Kinetic Fusion technologies continue to be evaluated.

TAUV for the present will make no further comment upon the collaboration with Titomic.